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The Team

In 1992, writer Jonathan Stark's airship crash landed in the middle of Portland, Oregon; in an incident that he had no control over and is legally obligated not to discuss any further. He's been meaning to fix the ship ever since, but keeps getting distracted.

One of these distractions has been graduate school, where he received a dual master's degree, the first in adult education, and the second in writing and publishing.

Jonathan spends his days in the company of friends, and in drinking Portland's beer, which has stymied his efforts somewhat to return to the sky but which has brought him one step closer to discovering the secret source of the world's moxie (he suspects squirrels).
Smash Brothers: Ness
Mortal Kombat: Scorpion
Street Fighter: Cammy

Since 1979, writer Max Lewis has been loitering in and around the greater Portland, Oregon area. After 22 years of lurching from one disaster to the next he purchased a license to practice English from the University of Oregon in 2002. Since then he has worked diligently towards his dream of becoming Alan Alda’s voice-double. In his off time, he volunteers his services as a shirt-less firefighter. The city has yet to take advantage of his generous offer.

Currently Max is blackmailing Jon with damning evidence regarding his involvement in a whiskey fueled airship disaster in which over 100 people lost their dignity.

Favorite Time: Too Late.
Turn-On’s: West. End. Girls.
Dislikes: Deserved criticism.

The product of two architects, artist Mac Cooper was penciled in Boise, Idaho but inked in Portland, Oregon. Within minutes of meeting him you’ll know that he’s obsessed with Lego’s and Star Wars. A few minutes more, and you’ll hear that he’s never broken a bone, though he dabbled in parkour. What? It was the early 2000s. A crazy time for us all.

An esteemed alum of the Lewis and Clark College Studio Art program, Mac is enamored with high contrast and a huge fan of the unique story telling device that is the black and white graphic novel. Mac enjoys world building and the process of matching physical characteristics to the personality traits of the people and places he conceives.

Loves: The Rebels.
Hates: The Empire.
Tolerates: Bounty Hunters.